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Career Exploration and Planning
  • Quintessential Career’s Teen Web site offers advice on job seeking, interviewing, and job options, and provides links to helpful job information sites at
  • Teenager’s Guide to the Real World online offers great articles and resources on volunteering, job seeking, resumes, summer jobs, and more at
  • Young Americas Business Trust acts as a catalyst for young entrepreneur development through business skills training, partnerships, leadership, and technology at
  • The Job Hunter's Bible from Dick Bolles is a supplement to “What Color is Your Parachute?” and an excellent starting place at
  • The Career Development eManual from the University of Waterloo offers a 6-step career planning tool at
  • "What Can I Do With A Major In?" information from University of North Carolina Career Services at
  • offers information on military opportunities, as well as a career toolbox with information on internships, volunteer work, vocational training, apprenticeships, and finding a job at
  • The Princeton Review offers an informative Career Center, as well as a place to begin research in higher education at
  • Mapping-Your-Future provides information on planning a career, including developing a career plan, assessing skills and interests, and researching occupations at
  • is an employment, career development, and job finding resource for youth at
  • Find seasonal employment that fits with your career ambitions, including international opportunities, through at
  • offers information on vital business and entrepreneurial strategies (geared towards Canadians, but still contains useful information for Americans) at
  • Career Infonet provides job market trends, wages, state profiles, and useful career exploration tools including skills assessment tools at
  • The Riley Guide offers job resources and employment information, including articles on self-assessments, planning, and finding a job at

Government Web Sites

Software Resources

  • VT Guidance Central is a web-based, personalized, self-guided program that provides comprehensive career, college, and education planning tools. You can use VT Guidance Central as a tool to: explore career possibilities, plan the training you need for specific careers, search for colleges/universities that fit your desired criteria (e.g. location, size, programs/majors, activities, costs), prepare for the SAT and ACT, learn about financial aid options, and much more! at
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs...

Below is a partial list of job search sites:

Education/Career/Financial Aid
  • Mapping Your Future includes information covers career planning, college selection, and financial aid at
  • U.S. Department of Education's Web site for kindergarten through graduate studies, has useful the links, including the one that allows you to file your FAFSA online at and You might also want to take a look at the section for anyone thinking of going, or going back, to college at
  • National Center for Education Statistics is a college selection search tool that can help you find any school in the country, provide basic information about the school, and link you to the school's Web site at
  • College Board's site includes a section for "students and parents," and information about the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) at
  • Petersons web site contains information in 10 different sections that you can search about colleges at http://
  • CollegeNET is a general guide to colleges and universities. You can browse for schools based on factors such as geography, tuition, and enrollment at
  • CollegeView offers profiles of more than 3,800 colleges and universities, along with online applications, financial aid information, and career planning tools at
  • Education Index bills itself as "an annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web” at
  • U.S. News and World Report ranks colleges/universities, and includes lots of other higher education information (some costs $$) at
  • The Learn More Resource Center offers information about postsecondary education, careers, and financial aid at
  • Everything you could ask for regarding financial aid at
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